12 month subscription.


Every month receive a box filled with all the goodies from one of our Tiered tray sets! You pick from relevent sets for each month of delivery.  Cancel anytime! 


You'll save big when you choose to subscribe.  Each tiered tray set's average price is $120 you'll get a total of 12 sets over the course of 12 month and pay only $100 a month with FREE shipping with each and every delivery.  


Sets delivered as such, make selections where necessary:


January: Valentine set (red & white)

February: St Patricks Day Set

March: Easter set

April: Margarita, Bee OR Lemon set

May: Strawberry Set

June: 4th of July Set

July: Lemon OR Ladybug set

August: Fall / pumpkin patch set 

September: Halloween set

October: Home OR Faith set 

November: Christmas

December: Frosty / snow set


Sets are mailed the first week of each month.  To see the details on the sets listed above please refer to the "Tiered Tray Sets" section linked below.


Tiered Tray Sets

1 year subscription, $100 per month for one tiered tray set EVERY MONTH

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$100.00Sale Price
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12 month
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$100.00monthly/ 12 months