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Faith black & white tiered tray set! Christian / religious Mix and match items, farmhouse style signs, wooden bead garland etc

The 6” cathedral window comes with the wreath, attached with black and white ribbon and the little base that lets it stand up on its own. 

20 mm wooden beads, natural on the large garland. Total length (including tassel) about 30 inches Faith written as a cross on the tag


7' rolling pin 


infinity cross mini bead loop on stretchy cord, sugar bowl beads / bottle neck beads

Mini signs
Be still
have faith
choose joy
Oh how He loves us
Have courage and be kind
sweet tea and Jesus
faith it till you make it
be the light



If you are part of the subscription service you will receive two mini signs.  The most popular two are "Have faith" and "Choose Joy"


Each sign with pine frame is 3.75” by 3.75” 

6”x3” Amazing grace sign


6”x3” Sundays are for Church (and football)


PRAY scrabble tile set with pine tray

Faith themed tiered tray set

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