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Whether your Irish or Irish at heart no one can resist a little touch of Saint Paddy's day spirit! This tiered tray set is the perfect combination of St Patricks day cheer and the farmhouse esthetic we love!


The whole set includes: 

20 mm wooden beads, natural on the large garland. Total length (including tassel) about 30 inches. "Feelin' lucky?"

“I pinch back” mini rolling pin, decor only not for actual use with food, 7” long. 

Mini March 17 & mini Clover signs with pine frame is 3.75” by 3.75” 

Small wooden bead loop for bottle necks, candle sticks, sugar bowls etc. 

Large End if the Rainbow directional signs - 6” x 4”

LUCK scrabble tile set

St. Patrick’s Day Themes tiered trays set / Saint Paddy's Day